Key Features

In Today’s high tech world everything right from mobile phones to cities is moving towards the ‘smart’ way, then why education be left behind in the smart world.
  • Reduces costs & efforts to a greater extent.
  • Anytime, Anywhere 24*7 Centralized Access.
  • Offers end to end solutions for managing every aspect of the academic and management operations.
  • Efficient & Effective work process flow.

We at Network people Services Technologies (NPST) understand that managing anyeducational institute is not an easy task, due to several challenges in handling student’s academic performance, school administration, staff & faculty management, parent - school interaction and government compliances.

Keeping all this in mind, NPST has come up with E-Serveshiksha, A high tech Cloud based ERP Education Management System (EMS) that enables you to manage the 360 degree functionality of your educational institution just with a few clicks and is accessible anywhere & anytime through web & mobile interface. What’s best is that multiple branches of an institute across the country can be interconnected and managed from a single central authority.

E-serveshiksha is a cost effective platform that promises to revolutionize the way institutions are managed. This solution simplifies the administrative & operative tasks of an institution enabling educationists to streamline their organizational functioning and focus on providing better quality education.